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Does Biomagnetism Work For Lyme Disease?

Biomagnetism is highly effective and works as the solution for Lyme disease
Biomagnetism therapy involves the placement of magnets of opposite polarity on specific points of the body. The attractions placed on the body will neutralize the pH levels in the affected area, creating an environment to reduce Lyme disease issues and rejuvenate the individual’s life.
Lyme disease’s issues are destructive and life-changing. It makes it difficult to live your daily life when you are facing this complex Lyme disease. When Lyme disease progresses to a chronic state and moves into the brain, the endotoxins will be released by borrelia. This Lyme disease bacterium is the primary cause of Lyme disease.
Yes, Biomagnetism is highly effective and works as the solution for Lyme disease; Biomagnetism therapy can support a majority of Lyme patients effectively. Magnetic therapy works to relieve pain on the nerve level. It has a molecular action that reduces inflammation, helping the capacity to rejuvenate.

Let's Know How Does Biomagnetism Therapy Work For Lyme Disease?

To reduce the issues of Lyme disease, Lyme Magnetic Protocol is used, it is a pair of medium-intensity magnets that apply opposing polarity for two energetically connected points on the body for about 20-25 minutes. It will help restore the pH balance, kills the viruses, and bacteria will lose their pathogenic capacity. And the body processes will change the impacted area by the magnets, and cells become healthier, and the body starts healing itself, often surprisingly and quickly.
Using variations of magnets for biomagnetism therapy, each magnet has its magnetic field; understanding the depth of magnetic penetration is needed to support the issues, and according to the problems, the magnet’s size and shape are used.
Biomagnetism therapy is most effective if you can access the right biomagnetism therapist and their biomagnetism therapy devices and use the correct methodology or support protocols to apply them. The therapeutic magnets used in therapy should have steep enough magnetic field gradients so that the parcel reaches the damaged area to envelop the target tissue and make the interests work for Lyme disease.
Multiple appointments for Biomagnetism therapy are required to remove Lyme issues and other pathogens from your body methodically. It is the best therapy that encourages your mind and body to connect, allows for healing, and increases restored energy and overall health. The number of appointments for biomagnetism therapy will depend on your case’s severity. With new-onset analysis of Lyme and tick-borne infection, it may take 5-8 sessions.

How The Biomagnetism Therapy Session Work Like

The biomagnetism therapy session is quite relaxing! You’ll lay fully clothed, on a comfortable massage table during therapy. The therapy is analyzed through a type of energy testing. As the magnets are placed on the body it will help to determine the most beneficial course of therapy, as your body responds with biofeedback via subtle changes in leg length. The evaluation of the magnet pairs that benefit you most will be decided. The results of the energy testing will show the priority for biomagnetism therapy in each session. With subsequent sessions, you will see the progress from the previous one.

Are There Any Side-Effects In Biomagnetism Therapy

The biomagnetism therapy session is generally gentle. You may experience a mild detoxification reaction in the body within a few days after your therapy session. Often detoxification can feel like a flare-up of a familiar indication; such as fatigue, a mild headache, or a tender joint.
During the biomagnetism therapy session, you will be provided with guidance for supporting our magnet therapy work in the days following your biomagnetism therapy session.

Is The Biomagnetic Therapy Compatible With Other Therapies?

Undeniably. The Biomagnetism protocol is an outstanding companion to other supportive therapies. Such as herbal, homeopathic, and curative flower essences are incredibly cooperative. 

If you are on antibiotics or other medications, you can participate in biomagnetism therapy. 

Medications can be adjusted with our biomagnetism therapy or eliminated as you move through biomagnetism therapy. You can continue to see your doctors even while you are in the therapy session as it’s highly effective.

A few studies or research have investigated the use of magnets in the therapy of Lyme disease, and these studies have been showing promising results.

One research study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2013 examined biomagnetism pair therapy to train chronic Lyme disease. The study involved 12 patients with chronic Lyme disease who received biomagnetism pair therapy twice a week for six weeks. The study found that all 12 patients reported significant improvement in their issues. It includes reduced fatigue, joint pain, and cognitive problems.

Another study published in the Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology in 2007 investigated the use of biomagnetism field therapy for Lyme disease. The study involved 24 patients with early-stage Lyme disease who received biomagnetism field therapy for four weeks. As per the study, the patients who received biomagnetism field therapy had a faster resolution of their issues than those who did not.

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