Lyme Disease Relief: Can Biomagnetism Offer a Holistic Approach?

A man scratcing his hand because of lyme disease.

Lyme disease is a tick-borne illness that can cause a range of signs, such as tiredness, joint pain, and neurological problems. Despite the existence of conventional therapies, some patients seek alternative options due to issues such as lasting signs or therapy side effects.

Biomagnetism is a type of holistic therapy that uses magnets in order to balance the body’s pH. It has begun to be considered an adjunctive option for patients with Lyme disease. Let us delve into the science behind biomagnetism and how it can aid in handling this complex ailment.

What is Biomagnetism?

Understanding Biomagnetism:

  • Biomagnetism is part of bioelectromagnetic studies where the emphasis is on magnetic fields generated by living beings, including humans, which are very important for our health maintenance.
  • Unlike magnetoception (organisms’ use of magnetism for navigation), biomagnetism endeavors to bring back normalcy in our bioenergetic system.

The Role of pH Levels:

  • The need to maintain equilibrium in body pH levels is key in Biomagnetism Therapy. The optimal pH level should be at about 7.4 (slightly basic). Deviations from this balance can lead to illness.
  • By using magnets, biomagnetism therapy influences charged particles within the body, hence regulating energy flow and creating harmony.
  • Balanced pH levels make it difficult for infectious germs and viruses to thrive, thereby promoting general well-being.

Enhancing Immune Response:

  • Apart from balancing pH levels, biomagnetic also boosts immune responses within the body. Health and vitality are enhanced by interacting with internal magnetic fields.
  • Biomagnetism therapy may benefit subjects suffering from chronic pain, inflammation, and stress-related disorders.

Biomagnetism and Lyme Disease: A Magnetic Approach to Healing

Lyme disease, caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi, is a complicated condition that often results in disability. In managing Lyme disease manifestations differently, there are alternatives such as biomagnetism therapy. This paper explains the theory of its use:

Bioenergetic Imbalance:

Biomagnetism operates on the premise that if our body’s electromagnetic fields are upset, this may result in ill health, such as Lyme disease, where bacterial infection affects these energy forces.

Pathogen Neutralization:

  • Lyme disease bacteria thrive in an acidic environment. Biomagnetism aims to alter this environment by influencing pH levels.
  • The magnetic field is created around the sick area using magnets that have opposite poles (north and south). Inhibitory growth factors for bacteria may be a result of this field which can support recovery.

pH Regulation:

  • The idea is that by balancing pH levels biomagnetism makes it difficult for pathogens to survive. Bacterial survival also becomes less favorable when the body’s pH is optimized at about 7.4.
  • Magnets positioned on specific points aim to encourage the body to shift towards a more alkaline state, thus promoting immune function and overall well-being.

Enhancing Immune Response:

  • Biomagnetism not only targets the bacteria directly but also boosts the immune system’s ability to fight infections.
  • Energy flow returns; homeostasis sets in; a stronger defense against Lyme disease mounts itself within the human body through the process of therapy.

Benefits of Biomagnetism Therapy for Lyme Disease

Here, we discuss the potential benefits of biomagnetism therapy as an alternative medicine in the management of Lyme disease.

  • Lyme Pathogens: The bio-magnetic therapy is aimed at rectifying the imbalances in pH levels. According to this theory, Lyme bacteria grow best under acidic conditions. It is believed that by regulating a more balanced pH, bio-magnetism can make it difficult for these bacteria to survive.
  • Bio-Medical Effects: Persistent inflammation characterizes Lyme disease. This could be reduced using bio-magnetic therapy thus relieving signs like pain, fatigue and so on.
  • The Immune System is Strengthened: The immune system is debilitated by this deadly illness. Any attempt to manage with biomagnetism can revitalize the immunity to counteract these invasive bacteria responsible for causing Lyme infection.
  • Detoxification and Healing: It supports removing toxins released by Lyme bacteria. Reduced inflammation may assist in speeding up body repair and healing processes.
  • Patient Experiences: While scientific research has been limited, some patients who have had Lyme disease have reported positive experiences with biomagnetic therapy. These experiences need to be accepted cautiously without making definitive statements.

Biomagnetism as Part of a Holistic Approach

Biomagnetic Therapy: A powerful modality based on the concept that human beings are electromagnetic beings living in an electromagnetic world and thus need balance within their bodies. This approach involves putting magnets that are specific at particular places in the patient’s body. Rather than just managing signs like regular methods do. 

Biomagnetism addresses the root causes behind health problems themselves. Resorting to normal electromagnetic fields through the application of biomagnetic therapy and pairing therapy. Hence assists in addressing these underpinning imbalances and pursuit of self-healing mechanisms. 

In a holistic manner, the practitioners target bringing back the body’s natural pH balance as well as enhancing overall health. Integration with other holistic therapies like supplements can further boost wellness. Therefore, it is valuable to consider including Bio-magnetism in conventional care.

Finding a Qualified Biomagnetism Practitioner

One important thing when looking for someone to provide you with biomagnetic therapy is to ensure that they are properly trained, certified, and experienced. Considerations for finding a qualified biomagnetic practitioner include:

  • Certification: Find out if the therapist has received comprehensive training on using magnetic pairs therapy. Among the most known certifications globally is one that comes from International Medical Biomagnetism Association (IMBA) This certification confirms that one understands all there is concerning biomagnetism like theory, anatomy and practice.
  • Experience and Expertise: One should inquire about how long they have been practicing magnetism. Do they specialize in some conditions? The more experienced they are the better chance of getting support.
  • Ethics and Professionalism: It is important to ensure that your chosen practitioner adheres to ethical guidelines and maintains professional standards. They should be able to respect your privacy, attentively listen to you, and create a safe environment for healing.


Q1. What can I expect during biomagnetism therapy for Lyme disease?

There is an introductory meeting to discuss your condition and related issues. Subsequently, they will carry out an evaluation using muscle testing to determine which pairs of magnets should be used in order to manage the patients with Lyme disease. They stay on the body for about 15-30 minutes to regulate balance. Finally, the session ends with the practitioner going over everything and developing a tailored follow-up plan.

Q2. How many biomagnetism sessions do I need for Lyme disease?

For Lyme disease, people ask how many times they go for biomagnetic sessions, but it is not always straightforward as there is no fixed number of visits needed so as to gain maximum benefit from this technique because this varies greatly depending on factors such as how ill you are at the time of starting therapy.  

Q3. How much does biomagnetism therapy typically cost?

What is the usual price range for biomagnetic therapies? The costs associated with biomagnetism therapy depend on several variables such as experience of provider, location, patient need and other such considerations. Generally speaking, however, individual sessions might run anywhere from $50-$150 per appointment but contacting a personal therapist might assist give more accurate pricing and bundled deals if available in their facilities.

Q4. Can I combine biomagnetism with conventional Lyme disease therapy?

In case you decide that this is something worth exploring, then make sure you inform your clinician, or else the healthcare provider will know which medication is best for you. Your healthcare provider will be able to check if the therapies can go together as well as whether or not any negative side effects from regular medicines could interfere with the biomagnetic therapy used to manage Lyme disease. 


Biomagnetism looks promising in supporting the immune system against Lyme disease, but you should talk to your healthcare professional about it. Combining biomagnetic therapies with standard therapy can be more advantageous. Remember, communication is the basis for efficiently controlling Lyme disease with your healthcare provider.

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